How to use Movepic – Photo & Pix motion loop photo animator

Movepic brings amazing photos & gifs into your social life. With various Animated Effects and delightful Filters, it's the foremost creative thanks to show your loop photos within the socia medias,and the best tool for you to be a photograph editor and video editor.

- Animate anything in loops photos just by drawing a path.

- Maintain the speed of the loops photo animation.

You can edit the river flow, clouds move, hair float,

and even make fire dance; Let your pic be an excellent live

wallpapers , just unleash your imagination. Create

great gifs ,you also are often the awesome

video editor & gifs maker.

And you'll use our magic sky effects to let your dark sky and night sky become more colorful. With this magic photo edit free function, you'll turn your pocket video into a pixel art , and flip a clip into a masterpiece.


Insert animated texts and overlay them on top of

your looping images, or insert animated texts stand on their own during a cool poster…

- Text effects: Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke,

Background image  Reflection, Embossing effect, Mask effect, 3d text insertion, image texture can be added to images

-Text fonts: choose between 100+ hand picked fonts. Hype

your unique text photos at social media.


- Crop and rotate images as you would like .

Professional Tools to correct Brightness, Contrast,

Hue, Saturation, Sharpness.

MOVEPIC provides advanced tools for you to customize

presets function you can  make  differrent stories.


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