How to download Vimage Apk and use it

vimage apk

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                                      19 December 2019
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What is VIMAGE?

VIMAGE is a cinemagraph creating app that lets you add amazing moving effects and many other  elements to your images, changing them into live pieces of art. Want to look for yourself? Check out our short introduction video 


Why cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are the newest trend for engaging people in your life and therefore the stories you tell. They’re hot on Facebook (just consider live portraits), Instagram and other social media, and they’re a tremendous tool to place an ingenious , eye-catching twist on your slideshows and visual marketing content. to not mention they’re fun to form also .

How does VIMAGE work?

Using VIMAGE is straightforward , intuitive and fun.

1. Open VIMAGE and press the ‘+’ button to require a photograph or choose one from your gallery. be happy to edit your photo before you add an impact thereto .

2. Choose an impact you wish which you think that suits your picture. Vimage provides over 80+ built in editing  effects, and that  this apk is regularily keep up adding new ones to the apk as they come up with them.

3. Place the effect you select on your photo. Adjust it as you wish – you'll shrink or enlarge it, rotate it, change its color, opacity and more.

vimage apk

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  1. I have a modifier app on my device now. So, can I modify this Vimage app with it?